About Ombutel

Ombutel is a joint venture of Telesoft and Xorcom that offers a free phone system based on the solid Linux and Asterisk platforms, offering whole new level of user experience with offers fully-responsive user interface that looks great, and is easy to use, on any screen size.  Ombutel utilizes the latest technologies in Linux and Asterisk to provide a highly secure system on all levels.

How Ombutel started

One day Rodrigo Cuadro, CEO of Telesoft approached Eran Gal, CEO of Xorcom, a long time business-partner, with an idea to create a new management system for Asterisk, that will provide many of the things Rodrigo believed are lacking in current free Asterisk systems.  As a veteran in the field of telephony, Rodrigo offered to add concepts that were successfully used in traditional phone systems and somehow ignored by the newer generation of IP phone systems, but with an easy to use, fully responsive user-interface and full IP telephony advanced capabilities.  The Xorcom team loved the idea and the two teams started a joined project, that was to become Ombutel.

Is it Ombutel phone system really free?

Yes, Ombutel is free to use, including for commercial purposes.

What license does Ombutel have?

Ombutel software is offered with commercial license.  It means you can use it for free, but not get the source code, make changes to it or reverse engineer it in any way.  If you are interested in developing add-ons or special functionality for Ombutel and be able to sell, please contact us.

The Ombutel Ecosystem

In Ombutel we believe in win-win relationships.  We don’t just say it, we mean it.  We cooperate with developers, phone vendors, service providers to create relationships in which both sides make a profit and together we increase the pie.  If you are interested to take part and get exposed for opportunities let us know.